So Gaudy It’s Gorgeous

When I was little I could never wear rings. The only reason this ever bothered me was because every other eight-year-old girl was wearing a mood ring. I wanted a stupid piece of metal to tell me what I was feeling. I wanted to fit in. I wanted a mood ring darn it! But I couldn’t have one. Every toy store or cheap little girl jewelry store I went in that had mood rings for sale caught my attention. I tried every single ring on, literally, and sometimes left the store almost in tears. I have freakishly skinny fingers and finding rings now is still an issue. There was no way I would ever find a mood ring to wear as a little girl.

I told this story to my boyfriend as we were window-shopping one day. We had passed one of the many stores that catered to preteen girls that I use to frequent while still on the hunt for a mood ring. The store reminded me of my unfulfilled wish and I shared it with him simply to fill the silence that fallen between us. I thought nothing of telling him, but he seemed to view it as a serious issue. “You never found your mood ring?” he asked. No. “Never?” No! Eventually mood rings became stupid and I didn’t want one anymore. I let my dream die because I developed new dreams once I hit junior high, like wearing mascara and highlighting my hair.

A few weeks later I was in school and drowning in stress. I had group projects with group members who didn’t show up to meetings, I had professors who seemed to expect way too much out of my rough drafts, and then there was my uncertain future after college looming over my head. It was too much due too soon and I was always in a bad mood. And then I got a package in the mail. It was from my boyfriend. I had no idea what was inside it.

I opened the manila envelope to find a bunch of things that made me smile. Purple silly putty because purple is my absolute favorite color, a pin in the shape of a film marker because I want a career in the film industry, a little smiley faced action figure because he had the goofiest smile that still makes me laugh, and a ring. It was silver with a large, gaudy, heart-shaped…what was that? It clearly wasn’t a diamond, so what else could this ring be? I put it on and the heart immediately changed from light green to deep blue. It was a mood ring. My boyfriend had found the mood ring I had pined for over a decade ago. It fit me perfectly.

I wear my mood ring every day except when I’m at work around food. The mood ring still works, but the metal has faded from shiny silver to dull gray and off orange. The heart is huge and takes up most of my finger. This thing is so gaudy that it’s ridiculous. I would never wear something like this on a daily basis, but the sentimental value behind it makes this gaudy ring gorgeous in my eyes. Even if the mood ring stops working I know I’ll still wear it because it reminds me of the moment that I realized my boyfriend truly cares about me.

Written By: Nikki M.

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