Fashion Sound-Off: Male Perspective

While I wholeheartedly dress for myself, once in awhile I find myself wondering what other people think of my outfits, mainly cute guys I hope to see out in public. I’m sure other girls feel the same way, so I figured I would gain some insight on what guys think about our fashion choices. I consulted a fashionable guy, my friend John. John is going into his senior year as a pharmacy tech major at Temple University and describes his style as “clean-cut and classic”, with staples like slim-fit button down shirts with tailored jeans. This season, colored chino shorts and boat shoes are on his style radar. I gave John five pictures of summer trends and asked him to respond, so here are his reactions to a few popular summer style picks!

First up is a pair of lavender wide leg pants. John says:

“They’re too long, but they look good from the back. These pants remind me of something an elderly person would wear. I mean, they’re alright, but I wouldn’t prefer them.”

Second, a pair of high-waist denim shorts. John says:

“These are hot, but there is something mom-ish about them. I would like them more if they were lower on the waist. Overall, I like the color and it would look great on a girl with a tan. I really like colored bottoms for men and women alike.”

Third up is a pair of brown gladiator sandals and John says:

“Honestly, all girls’ shoes look the same to me. They’re nice, but I can’t judge unless there’s a foot in it. It just looks like another girl shoe.”

Fourth, I showed him a cropped swing tank. He said:

“It’s alright, but I think it makes her look bigger than she is. I would rather see something form-fitting. I know it’s not about her pants, but I really like them!”

Last, I showed John one of my favorite trends, a romper and he said:

“Is that a onesie? It’s nothing really special and I don’t like the back. It’s too baggy and it’s very plain. I suppose you could jazz it up with accessories, but it’s not my favorite.”

In addition, John says he loves girls in form-fitting silhouettes. He says, “I love a girl who is confident enough to show off her body, no matter what shape. Bright colors are even better because confidence to wear stuff like that is incredibly attractive.” Now, I’m not saying you should all heed this advice and take it to heart. I think getting a guy’s perspective is interesting. Wear what you love, no matter what!

Written by: Nicole Risell

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