Sweetheart Neckline: A Blessing in Disguise

There are many blessings in disguise in both the real and fashion world, one of them happens to be the sweetheart neckline. Whether on a shirt or a dress, this look is very flattering and appealing for everyone. I especially love this style, and wish more clothes had this cut. It’s a very chic and classy look, and can make anyone feel sexy and flirty. You can choose a deep or regular sweetheart neckline, and can be both a casual or formal look for any occasion; many wedding dresses now come in this style, it is very popular!

All the above reasons are great about sweetheart necklines, but there is one huge personal reason above all that I love this cut. For those of us like myself who are smaller busted than the rest, this style is absolutely amazing and very helpful in making it appear we have cleavage. For any girl out there like me who struggles to find something to wear that makes us less insecure about our bust size or wishes that we had just a little bit more, the sweetheart neckline is perfect. It allows you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin and work what you got; when wearing this style, size doesn’t seem to matter, nor do you feel that you are so small busted. Don’t get me wrong, I embrace what I have, but it’s always nice knowing there’s something out there to boost you up or help you out from time to time, especially if you want to impress. The design of this cut really does look like a heart, and it’s a great look to rock for a wedding or a night out on the town.

The sweetheart neckline gives any outfit a very soft, glam, and feminine look, which works great when you are going for a cute, flirty outcome. It looks stunning on everyone, and really compliments every body type, which I really love and appreciate because there aren’t many clothes, styles, or cuts that do that. As I said before, being one of the smaller bust sized girls, this look is one I would wear over and over again. It makes me feel gorgeous when I wear it and good about myself and my body. If you haven’t tried this style out yet, I urge you to do it!

Written by: Nicolette Pelbano

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