My Love/Hate Relationship with Lip Liner

I don’t understand lip liner. What do you use it for? Is it just for lipstick? Can you wear it with lip-gloss? I searched the internet and found several different opinions. One blogger said you could use it with only lipstick while another said lip liner works great with lip-gloss. There was the blogger who put lip liner, only lip liner, on a list of how to tint your lips. One make-up message board said lip liner was for older women because apparently as you age something happens to your skin that makes it easier for your lipstick to bleed. Thanks Internet, now I’m terrified of getting old (oh my gosh my skin will morph and mutate into a slick, slippery mess!?) but still clueless about lip liner.

I’ve tried putting lip liner one a few times in my life. It was a disaster. Was I supposed to trace outside or inside my lips? Was I supposed to follow the natural shape of my lips or create a whole new pout? I still don’t know. To be honest, I don’t care anymore. I know how to play up my eyes, my favorite feature, so I suppose that will just have to be enough for me. I’ll just sit here in my eyeliner, pretending that I really don’t like lipstick or lip-gloss and that’s why I don’t wear it.

Secretly, I’m jealous of people who can play up their lips. I know plenty women who wear lip-gloss or something like that, but I only know one female my age who successfully pulled off lip liner. And she looked great. Her name was Michelle and she was a grade above me in high school. I had a few classes with her over our three overlapping years at our college prep and we became friends. She was always nice and smiled often, which was what first brought my attention to her lips. She was beautiful and she wore lip liner every day.

One day we were sitting in our first class waiting for a substitute teacher to appear and Michelle, who had been running late that day, took that opportunity to put on her make up. I watched in awe, playing every part of the lame freshman, as she “put on her face.” Her quick and effortless application inspired me to play around with make up but I could never get the lip liner. Perhaps it’s an issue of bone structure. Michelle has a heart-shaped face while mine is slightly rounder. My mouth is small while Michelle has a mouth that was made for those large smiles that only the eternally happy and Miss America can sport. Perhaps these differences mean that even if I could apply lip liner perfectly, it would never look quite right on my petite pout. While this is probably true, I’m still jealous of those who can pull this look off.

Written By: Nikki M.

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