Project Runway: Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Project Runway’s back!  And this season is celebrating their 10th year on air!

With 10 seasons under their belt, along with an All-Star edition, the show has lost a bit of it’s touch, but that’s not to say it’s not entertaining as ever.  The contestants are still crazy as ever, it’s just some of the challenges have gotten a bit dull.  But, on to the recapping.

The first episode, which premiered on July 19, was entitled “A Times Square Anniversary Party.”  In a first, the runway show was in front of an audience at Times Square, and the guest judges were noted stylist Patricia Fields (who actually was the first ever guest judge on the show) and actress Lauren Graham.  As for the challenge, the contestants were tasked with designing a companion piece to the design they chose to represent themselves as a designer.

One great thing about this challenge was it immediately showed who could properly create a cohesive collection.  If you can’t create companion pieces, you won’t be able to create a collection, which are often looks which all complement each other, based off of similar design and color choices.

In the bottom 3 were Kooan (a kooky Japanese designer who’s clothes look more suited for an anime convention), Beatrice (who’s knitting skills were great, but bland) –Pictured Above–, and Lantie (who doesn’t know how to challenge the fabric she chooses).  Kooan was in the bottom for his clothes being “borderline clown” according to Michael Kors, Lantie’s clothes were described as being unflattering, while Beatrice, who ultimately was eliminated, wasn’t special enough.

In the the top 3 were Melissa (a designer who really only likes using black), Christopher (who’s having a feud with look-alike contestant Gunnar) -Pictured Above- , and Ven (a chilled out guy from Guyana).  The judge’s liked Melissa’s dress because they got the vibe she was going for, Ven’s for his fresh outlook, and Christopher, who ended up winning the challenge, for his fabric manipulation.

The second episode, which aired on July 26, was all based on candy and Dylan’s Candy Bar.  It was entitled “Candy Couture” and the guest judge was Dylan Lauren, owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar and daughter of Ralph Lauren.

Most of the designers actually used candy in their designs, but others apparently have never seen the show and don’t know that the judges hate when they use fabric-like material.

Using fabric-like material landed Lantie in the bottom 3 for the second week in a row.  Also in the bottom was wacky Buffi and Elena, who cried so much over dropping some hot glue on her thigh.  Elena’s licorice dress was described by Heidi as macaroni art, Buffi had too many accessories, and eventually eliminated Lantie just used too much fabric and not enough candy for her look.

In the top 3 were Gunnar (who is easily the most annoying designer this season), Ven (again) – Pictured Above- , and Sonjia (an edgy girl).  Gunnar was applauded for creating a pattern out of candy, the judges liked that Sonjia used cool angles and unconventional candy like shark gummies, and Ven, who ended up winning, for his beautiful and flattering glass window-inspired dress.

All in all, these two episodes have been a great introduction to the cast.  And next week’s episode should prove interesting!  The designers will be paired up and must design an outfit for past contestants on the show, like mean Irina from season 6 and bossy Kenley from season 5.

So, what’s your opinion on the show?  Do you think the right designers were eliminated and the right designers won their respective challenges?  Tweet us your thoughts @TheFashionFoot.

Written By: Joanelle Navarro