The Five Friends You Need To Make

Everyone loves friends. No, not Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross and Phoebe (although they are all fabulous). I mean friends, people you socialize with us, go out with and talk to about your lives. Those are friends, then there are other friends. People we need to be friends with because well it’s kind of not an option not to. There’s a few people in our lives that I think we need to be friends with…or at least maintain some sort of relationship with, in order to have style and comfort in our lives. Here they are. If you’re not friends with yours, start.

1. Your Barber/ Hairdresser – This person basically controls the way you look. Your appearance is literally in the palm of their hand. Say you don’t really know the person who cuts your hair. They’ll do a half-assed job and you’ll end up looking like RuPaul. Get to know the person cutting your hair. Joke with them, ask about their life. I guarantee you the most silent you are the worst your haircut will be.

2. The Bartender – If you’re a regular at a bar get to know the bartenders there. Don’t be afraid to miss a few songs on the floor to sit down and chat with the bartender if they’re not too busy. Most bartenders love getting to know their patrons. It provides them with entertainment through their long shifts. Be a friend to them. They might even throw in a free drink here or there or try our some new drinks for you.

3. Your Mailman – Do you order a lot of crap online? Are your parents sending you lots of care packages? Yeah, I know the feeling. By befriending your mailman, you’re protecting those packages. Say your not home and that new Coach messenger bag you ordered is arriving. Your mailman will know a safe place to put your package so your crazy klepto neighbors don’t steal it.

4. A Salesperson at your favorite clothing store – My mom always made it a habbit to befriend every salesperson at all of her favorite stores…and it paid off. They told her when all of the newest clothing came in, where the best deals in the store were…and even better, what they were hiding from the public in the back! Don’t be afraid to chat it up with a salesperson, they could end up being how you find your favorite outfit.

5. Your Doctor – If you have a doctor you really need to be a friend to them. They will tell you like it is, be honest with you and not give you a run around. To look your best, you need to feel your best too.

Now that you know which friends will help you be an all around more fashionable person, go out and find them. Once you have, get to know them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make their way into your circle of close friends.

Written By: Jake Verterano

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