The Cutting Edge Fashion of Cut-Off Jeans

Cut-off jeans, with the frayed edges and washed out style are a cute summer style for the ladies. Paired with a tank top, a vintage blouse, or just a t-shirt, cut-offs convey a carefree, edgy style. The beauty of them is that they can be made from your favorite old jeans with the massive hole in the knee simply by cutting off the better part of the legs. If done properly, the frays shouldn’t cause too many runs, and a fresh, rugged look is born out of those old faithful jeans. For a cleaner cut and less work, cut-offs can, of course, be purchased, but the originality of your home-made jeans will be lost. Either way though, the look is a great one for summer, and I’ve noticed many the trendy girl pull it off, mixing it up with a flowery top, open oxford blouse, or even a light vest over a tank top. Practically any shoe can go with them too, depending on your top. Converse, flats, ankle boots, sandals, and even wedges can go great with cut-off jeans.

Ladies can pull most of these looks off flawlessly, but when it comes to the guys, I find cut-offs are usually turn-offs. Especially if they’re cut by the guy himself, they tend to just look messy and haphazard, due to the length of their shorts. Guys’ shorts usually come down to the knee at least, so cut-off jeans just look like a mangy dog ripped off the pant leg from the knee down. Due to girls’ shorts actually being short, the cut-off look is obviously deliberate – with guys, you never know. For the length of guy’s shorts, it doesn’t convey the same aforementioned carefree and edgy style. It simply looks messy. Whenever I see a guy in cut-offs, I want to ask if he got in a fight with a lawnmower, or angered one vicious alley cat. While girls’ look cute, guys look shoddy, so go ahead ladies, craft yourselves a pair of shorts by cutting up those old jeans. Guys: just ditch ‘em.

Written By: Mary B.

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