In Defense of the Tee-Shirt

I know many people don’t like wearing tee-shirts unless they’re at the gym, going to bed, or just lounging around. However, I think more people should wear and embrace them. I work at a summer camp, so I practically live in them. They’re super comfortable, and most of them are a lighter material so they’re great to wear in the summer. You can even wear them over a bathing suit, to a bbq, to the movies or mall, and even when you’re hanging out with friends; however, people rarely do any of these because it involves wearing a tee-shirt out in public. I honestly don’t see the big deal in wearing these out and about, true they’re not as fancy or chic as wearing other types of shirts, but they’re still cute and easy to work with and wear. Most people see tee-shirts as too simple or like you’re not even trying to look nice or putting any effort into your outfit; I disagree. You can get many uses out of tee-shirts, and although they are practical, you can cut them into any style or design you want! With many other shirts you either can’t do this or don’t want to because you paid too much money or it would ruin the shirt altogether.

I’ve talked to a lot of people, and when asked if they would wear a tee-shirt out in public they looked at me as if I had five heads; they acted as if it would be a huge fashion crime. There are so many different kinds of tee-shirts out there, some have letters on them, others have pictures or graphics, some have patterns or prints, the list could go on. If I do see people out in public somewhere, say a bar, concert, etc. and they’re wearing a tee-shirt, it’s usually because it’s a sports shirt; I’ve seen plenty of Phillies, Eagles, and other sports teams’ shirts. I honestly don’t see a difference between these types of tee- shirts and regular tee-shirts, but for some reason it seems people feel more comfortable, confident, or something else wearing these sports related shirts in public.

One of the greatest things about tee-shirts is that someone could easily purchase a solid colored one and design it yourself. This way, you have control over what goes on your tee-shirt and how you want to wear it; you can cut off the sleeves, make a scoop neck, or even cut little slits down the sides and tie them! Even if you have an old, baggy tee-shirt, you can still get use of it by “redesigning or reconstructing” it into something more form fitting and fashionable. You become the fashion designer, and its fun! My point is, tee-shirts are great, and I don’t think they will ever go out of style, but I really wish more people would wear them! They’re not just for people who play sports, work at summer camps, or are exercising all the time; anyone can wear them and look good. Sneakers, basketball shorts, and Soffe shorts look great with tee-shirts, but you can also pair them with jeans or shorts to dress them up a bit if you are going out; wear cute sandals and shoes along with them. All I’m asking is to take a chance and start wearing them more; I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Written by: Nicolette P.

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