Are the Olympic Uniforms a Disaster?

It seems as if no one is happy this year about their Olympic outfits, despite most being designed by some of the biggest names in the fashion world.

First up is Great Britain’s kit made by Stella McCartney.  In a partnership with Adidas, McCartney revealed her designs in March 2012.  Many criticized the choice in not using red as a predominant feature in the outfits.  The Union Jack on the designs are only in blue and white, not the flag’s actual colors of red, white, blue.  Others disliked the giant X featured on the male athlete’s uniforms, linking it to the reality show The X-Factor.  McCartney responded to the criticism on her twitter, stating that her clothes actually feature more red and flag then any Team GB kit since 1984.  But, what I think critics were trying to point out was that when the nation’s flag was featured, it was in it’s normal state, rather then altered.

Spain and Russia’s outfits designed by Bosco have also been criticized.  The Spanish hate their countries gaudy yellow and red designs.  The females don bright yellow half sleeve shirts, a long red skirt, and a red scarf.  The men will be wearing red and yellow jumpsuits, with an accompanying baseball hat and backpack. 

As for Russia, the country’s athletes will wear dizzy red and white uniforms.  Both the Spanish and Russian’s uniforms were voted by Time Magazine readers as amongst the worst.

But the United States isn’t without criticism either.  The USA’s uniforms were designed by Ralph Lauren and seem to be a nod to a the Marines.  But while many dislike the preppy look, what’s caused the most controversy is the fact that the outfits were made in China.  This has caused such an uproar, that even Congress has commented on it.

Yet, not all the uniforms have been criticized.  Critics have applauded France’s Hermes’ equestrian uniforms and Adidas uniforms, Italy’s Armani designs, and Jamaica’s Puma kit.

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Written By: Joanelle Navarro