The Craze of Celine Bags

You’ve seen them everywhere, on celebrities, the average person, models, and ofcourse, tons of replicas.  Everyone wants the ever so popular Celine bags.  These bags have often been nicknamed the “smiling face bag” due to the placement of the straps and zipper front pocket. Fashionistas and the average woman alike crave these structured leather luggage totes.

These “it” bags have been around for several seasons and show no signs of this trend dying down anytime soon.  These ultra popular bags are structured and very classic.  Celine’s will be a closet essential for women for years and years to come.

These bags come in many different colors of leather but black is seemingly a crowd favorite among Celine carriers.  A smaller version of the bag, the Celine Nano Luggage tote runs a mere $2,000 or more dollars.  Not affordable to the average person.  I will be saving for quite a few years to afford my Celine bag.  Oh the life of a broke college student.

I think the appeal in this bag comes from the structure and different appeal in the design.  This is definitely a unique looking bag but I love it and apparently everyone else does, too!

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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