A Horror Story: Shopping with a Teenage Boy

I know most males don’t like shopping, especially when it comes to clothes and even more so when it involves teenage boys. I went shopping with my mom, brother, and one of his friends this past weekend, and it was exhausting. I have never seen someone look so unhappy or like they were in physical pain and agony over having to try clothes on. My brother has been complaining for awhile now that he has no shorts to wear or that they are all too short on him. However, when it comes time to shop for them or try anything on, he refuses, rolls his eyes, or says that he doesn’t have to cause he knows they will fit. When we went shopping, he just made the whole process so much more difficult and longer not only for us, but for himself. He doesn’t want to do the work or try clothes on, yet if he does buy them and they don’t fit, it’s the end of the world and he gets angry and blames everyone else even though it’s his own fault!

Needless to say, my cousin is getting married in August, and my brother still doesn’t have a suit. So, one of our goals was to find him an outfit to wear. My mom and I did all the work, we spent a lot of time searching and finally picked out a few shirts, ties, and pants, but it was so hard not having him in the store with us. We weren’t sure what color he wanted, what patterned tie he would like, or what waist size he was. I thought picking clothes out for me was hard enough, but I was wrong. Picking clothes out for someone else when they aren’t even with you and when they’re a teenage boy is maybe one of the hardest and most frustrating thing to do, especially when they make it harder on you like my brother did. My mom and I practically had to drag him into the dressing room, and even his friend was laughing at him and said he was being difficult. No matter what we did, we felt like we couldn’t win.

Finally, he tried the clothes on we picked out for him after dragging his feet and giving us a look. He moaned and groaned about it and took long on purpose. After awhile, I stopped being annoyed and just laughed; after all, he was only hurting himself and dragging out the process when he could have been done trying everything on already. I know a lot of teenage boys are like this, but I don’t know if they’re as bad or dramatic.  He liked most of the clothes we chose for him, although every time he came out of the dressing room he looked miserable and like he was getting his tooth pulled. Most of the clothes fit him fairly well, and I was proud of my mom and I; we good a good job for him not even being there. In the end, the whole process could have easily gone by much quicker if he had just cooperated. On the bright side, we did get what we came there for, he got new shorts, a purple dress shirt with a nice matching tie, and black dress pants; he’s all set for the wedding now.

Overall, the whole shopping trip was an experience. I can’t imagine what goes on when he shops by himself or how he buys anything, nor can I imagine how much longer it would have taken if we kept shopping for him. I know my brother isn’t the only teenage boy out there who’s like that; I just don’t understand it though. We’re only trying to help, but they don’t get it. They have to go shopping, it’s part of life; if they don’t, they will have no clothes to wear. It will only get worse as they get older, when they have to go shopping for other things or with their girlfriends or wives. I don’t think I will go shopping again with my brother anytime soon, but then again, I’m sure he would say the same about me.

Written by: Nicolette P.

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