Fake Glasses: Not a Trend for Glamazons

Something that seems to be more and more of a trend lately is fake glasses. Every time I seem to like a pair someone is wearing they reply,” Oh, these are fake.”

I politely smile and kind of question why on earth you would want to wear fake glasses. Let me explain.

For me, it all started when I was in third grade. I used to have to see our school’s speech therapist because apparently no one knew what the hell I was saying when I spoke. I would have to go once a week and play games that forced me to annunciate my words correctly. They were fun…

Well, one day, I couldn’t see the chart correctly in one of the exciting games. The speech therapist took me to the nurse’s office immediately. Clearly, I was in grave danger. They immediately had me take an eye test and the results were not good. My eye site was shot at the age of 9. A week later I was in glasses for the rest of my life.

Somehow, people have taken glasses and made them “fashionable”. I’ll agree, there are some pretty snazzy pairs. However, those snazzy glasses are a fashion that only those forced to endure should be able to enjoy. Just because you like the way glasses look doesn’t mean you should be able to just put on a pair when you feel like it. There are those of us who must poke at our eyeball every night to remove our contacts and put on our glasses…completely transforming us from beautiful angels to disfigured creatures. Glasses are a curse.

Don’t make our curse your fashion statement. Develop a real vision problem if you want to wear glasses. I recommend looking at the flash on a Canon Rebel camera and just taking a few pictures.

Written By: Jake Verterano

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