Don’t Let Small Feet Trip Up Your Style

I’ve always been a small person. I was a skinny child, and a scraggly preteen, and when many of my girl friends hit puberty and grew in all the right places, I was stuck with smaller assets. This 5’1” petite vessel my soul inhabits is a fabulous little machine, but being so small makes it difficult to find apparel that fits properly. The upper body warrants little difficulty (shirts and dresses are often a cinch to find), but the lower half is a bit more troublesome, especially when it comes to shoes.

In a perfect world, all my shoes would be 5s or 5 & 1/2s, but that is far too much to ask for, because few shoe stores carry more than a handful of such small sizes. So, most of my shoes are 6s or 6 & 1/2s, which is okay when they have laces that allow me to tighten the shoe so my feet don’t slide around. In this case, casual shoes are easy enough to find – most styles come in at least a 6. When it comes to slip-ons or heels though, things can get pretty rough.

Slip-ons just slip off and heels raise me up only to fall farther as they fail to hold in my small feet. Custom made shoes are far too expensive, and I’ve never been a fan of buying online – even if the shoe is the right size, that doesn’t always mean it will fit comfortably. So, I’m left to department stores, which of course, carry few small sizes.

Therefore, I’ve found the best thing to do when it comes to buying heels and slip-ons, is to buy them when I find them – whether they are needed or not. You never know when those size 5 purple pumps will come in handy, right? Over the years too, I’ve discovered department stores like DSW, Famous Footwear, and even Payless, often have clearance sections with a few hidden treasures.

Since people with small feet like me are few and far between, the whole handful or so of small sizes cannot possibly (or very rarely, at least) all get sold. My first stop in any store is usually the clearance section (I’m a bargain fiend) but for shoe stores, it’s usually my only stop. Practically every heel and slip-on I own is from a clearance rack, and the few that aren’t were simply lucky finds. Of course, if you’ve got a deadline approaching where you need to quickly find, let’s say, classic black pumps (for a concert recital, maybe, I don’t know) go ahead and try a 6 – you can always layer up on those Dr. Scholl’s gel pads or even those grip shoe pads that stick on the inside heel.

Or, I like to find heels and flats that actually have straps, which provide a much more comfortable style (but sometimes, you just need that classic little black pump, I know). Luckily, plenty of options exist for finding the perfect shoe – even if you do have tiny feet. Just be savvy and smart, fear not the esteemed Dr. Scholl, and don’t let your small feet trip your style.

Written By: Mary B.

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