Designer Spotlight: Chelsea Charles

Thanks to, I was recently introduced to an inspiring designer Chelsea Charles.  Chelsea is the founder and creative director of her line of bracelets called “Count Me Healthy.”  Count Me Healthy is a bracelet made to track a health goal that you have for yourself.  Since I’ve been on a health/workout binge lately, and I love some wrist bling, this line is something that really caught my eye!

Chelsea Charles created Count Me Healthy in order to track her own eating habits.  She initially used it to keep track of her daily fruit and vegetable servings to ensure that she was getting the proper amount.  Having the bracelet on also serves as a constant reminder of your goal and how much you still need to do!  Her delicate beaded bracelets quickly became a trend among celebrities like Fergie, Giuliana Rancic, Selena Gomez, and thousands more.  CMH has been featured on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, E!s Fashion Police, Shape Magazine, Elle, Women’s Day, Teen Vogue, Golf Digest, Essence, and also as a gift at the Oscar’s and the Grammy’s- wow!  Chelsea’s brand has definitely experienced much success, and she has a wide variety of styles to show for it.

Count Me Healthy bracelets are known as “the first and only beautiful health journal for your wrist”.  Here’s how to use them: First, pick a health goal that you want to track.  Then, decide the target number for your healthy goal.  For instance, if you want to drink eight glasses of water per day, you would use one bead to track each glass and your target number would be eight.  By using each bead to count your target number you are constantly reminded of your goal and your progress!  These bracelets are also made with a jump ring in the middle so that once you push a bead over to one side, it stays there and your goal will remain counted for the day.  The beads are specifically designed so they can move easily along the cuff but won’t shift back and forth unless you move them.  This is a great way to track your health goal, and you can write down your progress at the end of each day.  If you want to track your progress using Chelsea’s “Health Count Cards”, you can download them on her website  The next morning, start with your beads all on one side again!

Bracelets can come in yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling dipped.  There are many different styles sold, like this cute one called “wild at heart.”  There are many other creative looks and designs for her different bracelets:  Golden Grace, Mommy & Me, Bride-To-Be, Golf Goddess, Happy & Blessed, Helping Hearts, Peace & Love, Counting for a Cause, Friendship is Golden, Sisters Sterling, Sexy Stacks, and more!  The “Counting for a Cause” bracelet is part of the Count Me Healthy Giving Collection.  It is designed especially for women who have been touched by breast cancer in their lives, whether they are a survivor or have experienced it with loved ones.  50% of the profit made from this bracelet goes toward breast cancer research programs at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center, a National Comprehensive Cancer Institute.

It is obvious that this product is amazing in so many ways.  It is stylish, inspiring, health-conscious, and can serve as a great and constant method of motivation.  Since CMH has friendship, sister, and mother collections, they would be a great gift for friends or family members!  Any of the bracelets from the giving collection would be a nice and heartfelt gift as well.  The possibilities for Count Me Healthy Bracelets are endless- you can use them to track one health goal continually, or switch it up!  I’m completely sold on this idea, and can’t wait to get one of my own.  Thank you, Chelsea Charles, for using your health-driven and creative mind to come up with such an incredible product.  You can definitely count me healthy!

Written By: Christine Kunz

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