Take A Look At La Senza Lingerie

When I studied abroad last summer in England I was one of twenty-four students to cross the pond for five weeks. Twenty of those students were female and we were all so impressed with, among other things, the shopping we found in the United Kingdom.

There were more higher quality clothes at lower prices than we had ever encountered before, and the wide range of sizes at every store was mind-boggling. Even the lingerie stores were affordable and fully stocked with all sizes, something that all us busty Americans are not used to experiencing. One of our favorite, and most frequented, stores was La Senza Lingerie.

La Senza is a Canadian based store that has locations in thirty-four countries with at least one store in every continent. While there are no stores in the United States (the only North American locations are Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Panama) there is a La Senza website for American customers complete with prices in U.S. Dollars.

While most American brands have a limited size range, La Senza caters to both the skinny and voluptuous with their seemingly unlimited sizes in styles that range from simple to sexy. While Victoria’s Secret website boasts that they have sizes from 30 A – 40 DDD, several stores rarely carry all those sizes. I’m a 32 D and I’m lucky if I can find three bras in my size at a store.

La Senza, however, keeps bras ranging from 30 A – 38 DD on hand in stores and online. Victoria’s Secret panties are for sizes 0-16 while La Senza is for 2-18 and, again, the sizes are always present and available for most styles. The biggest advantage that La Senza has over all American stores, in my opinion, is the price.

La Senza not only offers special deals like “3 for $27” or “5 for $27,” they also offer bras and panties for under $20. I can’t think of any other store that has such a huge range with such affordable prices.

To be fair, all my comments are based off the U.S. website and the U.K. stores. I highly doubt that the La Senza in Estonia or anywhere else falls short of these standards, but since I don’t have the money to travel the world just for lingerie I guess I’ll never really know.

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Written By: Nikki M.

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