DIY: Tie Dye Tee-Shirts

Have an old tee-shirt you don’t wear anymore, or even just a simple, regular shirt? If so, then you can turn that ordinary, plain shirt into something cute by tie dying it! It’s fun and exciting to do, and a great way to be a designer yourself and have control over how you want your shirt to look, what colors you want, and any patterns or shapes you want on them. Just follow these few easy steps and you’ll be on your way to creating something that stands out and is unique.

1) Gather all materials that you will need including: Squirt bottles or a bucket (depending on if you want to dunk your shirts or lay them out and squirt the colors on them), rubber gloves, new or a freshly washed tee-shirt, rubber bands, old tee shirt to wear in case you get dye on you, paper towels, covering for the surface you are going to work on, a plastic bag, water, and dye.

2) Next, prepare the area where you are going to dye the shirt. Put on the old tee shirt, and put the rubber gloves on. If you are planning on using the buckets pour water into them, then dye, and add the rest of the water into the bucket until it is all mixed together (when using different colors, place each color into its own bucket). If you use the squirt bottles, follow the same procedure as if you were using the buckets. Make sure you tie-dye your tee-shirt in an open area; outside would work best.

3) Now you’re ready to tie dye! First and foremost, the tee-shirt needs to be fully spread out. If you just want to make your tee-shirt one color and don’t want to use the rubber bands, then dunk or squirt your shirt with the selected color. If however, you want patterns, follow a different technique.

4) If you want stripes, twist the tee shirt and separate each section with a rubber band. Then dunk or spray each section for the color you want. If you want small circles, pinch the area of the tee-shirt you want, insert a little ball there, and tie with a rubber band. If you want to do your own design go for it; be creative and invent something new! These are just a few suggestions.

5) After you are done tie dying your shirt, it’s best to wrap it in paper towels or an old towel so the colors don’t run as much.

6) Place the wrapped shirt into a plastic bag and hang it somewhere warm or hot to dry.

7) Finally, after at least a day of drying, take the tee-shirt out of the bag and rinse it out in the sink until there is hardly any dye left running. Remove the rubber bands, and throw the shirt into the washer and dryer.

Your new and improved tee-shirt is now ready to wear! Tie-dying is a great activity to do at any age, and turns something from drab and boring to fresh and fashionable. It’s fairly simple to do, so try it out! I also added a video as an extra reference. Good Luck!

Written by: Nicolette P.

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