Stylist Pick: Cut-outs

Here’s to showing a little skin with this week’s stylist pick: cut-outs!  This trend is an awesome one to try out during summer in the warm weather, and lets you show off some extra skin without baring it all!  Cut-outs definitely started out, and are most popular, as back cut-outs.  I love this look, and there are so many different styles of back cut-outs to wear!  However, let’s not forget how many other ways this trend can be worn.  We’ll take a look at how cut-outs styles look hot in every way possible!

My favorite way to wear cut-outs is on dresses.  Side cut-outs are a really hot trend right now.  If you aren’t as comfortable baring some tempting torso skin, then there are other great options too!  Try a high collared dress with cutouts along the neck, or even a dress that has funky straps and cutouts along the shoulders.  Also, you can embrace the cut-out look in a more subdued way by wearing styles that have a cut-out like pattern, like a dress with a jagged pattern or one that has sheer material over a cut-out area. 

Check out this sheer cut-out dress worn by Stephanie Pratt!  If you have been catching the morning re-runs of The Hills on MTV, then this girl and the rest of the cast have been on your mind lately too… And might I add, all of the characters on that show are a great fashion inspiration!

If dresses aren’t your style, then try cut-outs in a top or jeans!  Leggings and skinny jeans have so many awesome and different looks these days, that maybe an edgy pair of cut-out skinny’s could be just the look for you.  If you pair those with a killer pair of heels and a plain colored top, you’re bound to make a bold and stylish statement.  Also, cut-out tops come in so many different varieties!  Take your pick as to whether you want to show off a lot or a little.  Cut-out sleeves are a really cool style to wear to flare up your look, if you’re not into baring it all.  If you want to take more of a risk, then go for it!  Especially during the summer season, you can pull off showing a little more than usual.  And by doing it through cut-outs, it shows off your fashion sense without making you look too hoochie.  A lot of cut-out styles also look great with bandeau’s (another one of my summer favorites).

Another really cool way to wear cut-outs this season is on your bathing suit!  Whether you’re into halter bikinis, bandeau swim tops, or rocking a sexy one-piece, cut-outs are all the rage in this seasons swimwear!  Check out this orange cut-out bandeau swim top by Mikoh Swimwear!  This piece is definitely right up my alley, but if this isn’t your cup of tea, Mikoh Swimwear offers a wide variety of different swimwear styles.  This brand embraces side cut-outs on one piece swimsuits, and even small cut-out patterns that go along the front of your torso too.  Look up their collections and you’ll find that they even have some bikini bottoms with funky cut-out patterns along the side too!

Cut-out patterns are such a chic and trendy way to show off your fashion sense.  Try out some new designs that I’ve mentioned here, and let us know your favorite way to wear this style pick!

Written By: Christine Kunz

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