Monograms: Trendy or Trashy

I think that this trend can go either way, depending on what items you choose to have monogramed.

My favorite monogram looks include: Longchamp bags (it really makes it personalized), iPhone cases, and necklace charms. I wear a monogrammed gold necklace everyday (although it is my grandmother’s initials, not mine). I believe it looks chic while also adding some glitz and glam to any outfit. Plus, it matches everything!

Don’t be fooled: you can take this fashion from trendy to trashy. Don’t go overboard with the monograms. You don’t need to have everything you’re wearing to be personalized. An example of this would be Roger Federer during 2009’s Wimbledon. He coined the nickname “Mr. Monogram.” It was probably not as a compliment, either.

Monograms are also a great feature to add to your home. They really personalize your house from towels to hooks to coffee cups. Once again though, no need to over do the décor.

Overall, I believe monograms add a sentimental value to items, while still embracing a fashionable look (when in moderation).

Written By: Lindsay Whisler

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