10 Reasons Why @OscarPRGirl Should Follow Us

10. Erika Bearman (Oscar PR Girl) has her B.A. in English… we do, too!  English enthusiasts need to stick together.

9. She is currently following 424 twits… what’s one more?

8. We once read that sushi makes her crave chocolate; what if we admitted that chocolate makes us crave sushi!?

7. We are a blog of young, up and coming women.  Erika, 30, has one of the most sought after jobs in the world…you go girl!

6. We wrote a fabulous article about her: We Love Oscar PR Girl …Remember?

5.  While she’s perfected the use of social media for marketing purposes…we’d like to say our tweets are pretty fab as well.

4. We both check our twitter feed before rolling out of bed in the morning.

3. The Fashion Foot will be huge one day (soon) and Oscar PR Girl will be ahead of the game…as usual!

2. We are devoted lovers of the Oscar de la Renta fashion house.

1. We will always have nothing but love and respect for Ms. Bearman.

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