The Purse Guide

Not only do you have to decide what to wear when you go out, and what shoes to pair it with, but you also have to choose a purse or bag to go along with it. This is no easy task, although it may seem it, because purses today are no long simple. It is now a much harder decision what bag to purchase or one to bring out on the town with you. There’s tons of different colors, patterns, sizes, prints, shapes, and brands, all with different uses you can get out of them. Some you can wear on your shoulder, some you can carry, some you can let hang on your arm or wrists, and others that you can wear diagonal across your chest like a satchel. The possibilities are endless, and you can enjoy shopping for them.

For certain events or outings, some bags and purses are more appropriate than others. For formal occasions, a small clutch would be best; some even have chains as straps so that you don’t have to carry them all night. They are very convenient and efficient, and it’s always fun picking out a purse to match your outfit to tie the whole look together. It’s also usually better to stick with a solid color here; less is better since your outfit will be fancy and glamorous enough. However, it’s never a bad thing if you want to go above and beyond and choose a purse or bag with its own flair and pizzazz, just don’t go overboard with the bling or patterns! On the other hand, if you decide to go shopping or are having a casual hang out, a simple, classic over the shoulder or a medium to small sized purse you can carry or let hang on your arm would work great! Especially if you are planning on going to the bar or a party or anywhere where there will be a lot of people, it’s important to think and be smart about what you decide to bring out. You don’t want to have to lug something huge around all night or have it be super heavy or bulky. It’s better to work with something on the smaller scale or wear your bag diagonal so that you are aware of it and can see it at all times. You only need to bring the essentials, don’t over pack; sometimes it’s even better to not bring a purse at all and carry everything on you, although you have to be cautious of your things.

Sometimes, people want to make a statement with their bag, it is after all, a very fashionable and important accessory. If people feel this way, and if they are someone who carries their whole closet or room with them like my sister, it is absolutely better and more fashion forward to carry a larger purse. Although many find this obnoxious or annoying, it is a fashion trend. You can fit or put almost anything in these giant bags; they seem to be never ending and bottomless. They have many compartments, pockets, and zippers, which are very useful and helpful, but it also means you could be more prone to losing something. It can also be frustrating to wear one of these purses since they are so big and can get in the way, but they are very stylish and manageable, so I say go for it!

All in all, choose a purse or bag that feels right to you and one that you know you will use more than once. They’re a great, fun accessory to work with, and are a fashionable lifesaver.

Written by: Nicolette P.

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