Style Inspiration: Awkward.

The second season of the MTV original series Awkward. is only a few episodes in, but it already has me hooked! I look forward to viewing the trials and tribulations of Jenna and her friends Ming and Tamara. This season seems like it might be a doozy, with Jenna dating Jake and Matty vying for a second chance. In addition, Jenna’s own mother wrote the note that was the subject of the first season! Throughout this series of unfortunate events, Jenna has managed to keep her cute girl-next-door style in check. Jenna, Ming, and Tamara all have very distinctive styles that are the complete opposite of awkward.

Jenna Hamilton (played by Ashley Rickards) is a nobody at school until a misunderstanding over an injury thrusts her into the spotlight. Even with her status at school, she remains optimistic about her life. Jenna’s style is casual and classic, pairing printed tops with jeans and sneakers. No-fuss hair and minimal make-up completes her everyday look.

Tamara (played by Jillian Rose Reed) is Jenna’s best friend. She is the typical boy and gossip obsessed high school girl and is always there for Jenna in her tough times. Tamara is girly, loud, and prone to overreacting and her clothing is an extension of this. She wears floral or pastel dresses, but adds edgy pieces like black Doc Martens.


Ming Huang (played by Jessica Lu) is Jenna’s other down-to-earth best friend. Her strict Chinese parents keep her on a short leash, but Ming remains optimistic and gives Jenna the most logical advice. She has a unique punk meets grunge styles and her wardrobe staples include a beanie, denim cut-off Bermuda shorts, plaid shorts, and Converse sneakers.

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Written by: Nicole Risell

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