Style Inspiration: Workaholics

LET’S GET WEIRD! Workaholics fans can finally rejoice now that the third season of the Comedy Central original series is underway. If you’re not familiar, Workaholics focuses on Ders, Adam, and Blake, three best friends who work at a telemarketing company. Even though they have some unsavory habits, like smoking weed every day and goofing off at work, you can’t help but love their immature antics, along with each of their distinctive off- the- clock styles. Outside of the workplace, Ders, Adam, and Blake each have a style all their own and everyone can incorporate a little workaholic flair into their outfits.

Anders “Ders” Holmvik is the most responsible of the group, which makes him the butt of many jokes on the show. His style reflects this with staples like collared oxford shirts, polo shirts, tailored pants, and sensible shoes. Whether it’s at work or at a house party, Ders always looks preppy and clean-cut.



Adam DeMamp is immature, narcissistic, and always looking for fun, usually involving the conquest of ladies; however he does have a sensitive, child-like side. His style reiterates his immature and high-school-like mind with staples like baseball tees, plaid shirts, baggy jeans, and skater shoes.



Blake Chesterfield Henderson easily has the most fun style out of all the characters. He is eccentric and crazy, but usually offers a sensible solution to the group’s problems. Blake can usually be seen sporting a bandana, a bright tank or tee, and fitted pants with a pair of converse, which double as his office footwear



Written by: Nicole Risell

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