The Evolution of Sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been an essential staple to any outfit, and they have come an extremely long way. I have countless pairs, all different from one another for different occasions; in my opinion, you can never have too many. From the beginning, they had a style all their own, and have since evolved to be even more practical, useful, and fashionable.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Sunglasses were very old fashioned and retro, yet still chic and stylish. They were very classy, yet not all were appealing. There was the good, bad, and the ugly but one style that really stood out was the cat eye, which is once again popular today. Actresses such as Marilyn Monroe wore this trend, making its popularity increase. It gave off a sultrier, sexy yet elegant look, with the lenses being more round and the top of the frame pointing upwards, much like when you apply cat eye makeup. They were more plain and simple when they first started out, but in present time, there are various colors and designs to choose from geared mostly toward women. I think anyone can wear them and look great; you don’t have to have a certain face shape.

Another popular style was Aviator Sunglasses, which many men and women still wear today. Again, the lenses are more circular than square, and the frame is thinner, although they. A distinct feature of this type is the thin bar that sits right above your nose between your eyebrows usually. Many men love this style, and they are classic. In my opinion, I feel that only certain people can pull off this style, unfortunately I am not one of them. These Sunglasses frames usually rest on your cheekbone, so I think it all depends on your face shape.

As the 1970’s came and went, another huge trend appeared: Bug-Eyed Sunglasses. Some styles and frames were so huge, they almost covered your whole face and you really did look like a bug. Many people don’t like this style, but I love it! When they first started out, they were very retro and some had trippy patterns on them; they embodied the vibe of that time period. They were fun, the frames were bigger, and weren’t your typical circular sunglasses anymore. People began to experiment with different shapes, and they began to take on a life and personality of their own.

This style is still extremely popular today, and is not the only trend of Sunglasses that has reappeared. Ray Bans are huge right now, everyone wants a pair. They are the definition of classic, and were seen as a symbol of status, which is still relevant today. They started out in only one color, black, but have since evolved to include other colors as well. To me, they are the epitome of style and cool, made famous by James Dean, and Audrey Hepburn, to name a few. They will never go out of style, nor can they ever be replaced.

More recently, I have seen some funky Sunglasses. Animal print, bright neon colors, some in the form of hearts, some with bling, even some with lines replacing the lenses. It seems there is no style that is too crazy to try. Long gone are the days of simple Sunglasses. I can only imagine what Sunglasses will look like 10 or so years from now, but for now, retro and vintage styles are here to stay, but will continue to evolve more and more.

Written by: Nicolette P.

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