V4V Clothing

Dressed in a heathered-purple V neck, slim khaki pants, and wayfarer style glasses, without prescription lenses I might add, Albert Jennings walks into Starbucks to meet with me.
When asked to describe his personal style, Albert answered, “Wanna-be-hipster with a mix of a seven year old boy who likes to wear super hero shirts.” Funny, but honest.
Aside from being a golfer and student at Ball State University, this 20 year old has not only started a clothing company, but he has established a brand. He and his business partner, Wade Markley, are the creators of V4V Clothing.
A simple quote is what started this business endeavor. Winston Churchill 0nce said, “You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.” Jennings had been reading a book about Churchill and came across this, as well as his trademark of holding two fingers up every time he finished speaking or when coming in contact with citizens. And with that, the logo and mission statement for v4v had been established.  He wanted to create a brand around the quality of victory. After drawing a few designs along with a couple of tweaks, “it was perfect,” Albert said. The logo is versatile and simple, and with that there is a lot of freedom with the designs.
What really makes this brand unique is not only the message it is trying to portray, but how it goes about directly doing that. A charitable aspect really makes this company even more appealing. The first charity project occurred during December of 2011. A shirt was designed for the holiday season; GIVE was written on the front. The ‘V’ was their logo. Simple and stylish. There was an established goal they wanted to meet in sales, and they would donate 50% of the profits to Lifeline Youth and Family Services, a local Fort Wayne, IN charity. When they fell short of their objective, they donated 100% of the profits, benefiting ten different families with Christmas gifts. An admirable quality from both of the company founders; they’d rather give back to the community than themselves.
Currently, they are promoting a summer line of five shirts, which is featured on their website, and will be available for sale by the end of June. The American Apparel prints for this line include inspirational messages as well as cool graphics, like an American flag design as well as using the infinity symbol in a unique way. This summer collection is more bold and fun, while the fall line will be a little more fashion forward. V4V is evolving with a different feel, while still remaining true to the brand.
Right now the founders’ goal is to push the summer line. “We’re not concerned about making a profit right now, we’re taking time to develop the brand.” Before July 4th, the company plans on hosting a pool party to give away some of the flag design shirts, and in true patriotic spirits, having guests write letters to soldiers.
In the future, Albert explained that they are working on a video series highlighting people who embody the brand’s message. Their target market is those from ages 18-24, so they’re planning promotional aspects in high schools and colleges in order to increase awareness of their brand.
While many ideas are in development currently about expansion and giving back, one thing that remains concrete is the message the brand is conveying: positivity.
How victorious.
Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. They also have an Instagram: V4VClothing
Written By: Lindsay Whisler