Summer Weddings: What to Wear!

With summertime getting into full swing, a big wedding season is ahead of us.  What bride wouldn’t want to get married on a beautiful summer day anyway?  You can be sure that all of our favorite designers, boutiques, and even department stores haven’t missed a beat.  New and fun summer dresses are coming out full storm from every direction.  If you can’t pinpoint the right kind of dress to wear as a guest to a wedding, be sure to check out some of these great sites that offer exclusive online wedding attire, like &  Both of these stores offer some of the best online guides to summer 2012 wedding wear!

The Nordstrom website has tabs for different styles of weddings, from casual to formal and everything in between.  For those of you who may be attending a formal wedding, thank goodness maxi dresses have become a part of our everyday wear!  Floor length gowns are essentially the same thing as a maxi, just more glammed up. (And what’s so bad about that?!)  This strapless gown by T by Tadashi looks exactly like your typical plain black maxi, something that just about every girl could pull off.  Add a couple classic accessories and great heels to that, and you’re set!

The J.Crew website does not have as big of a selection as Nordstrom, but it offers some really cute and classic pieces that are only available in their online collection.  They also have Wedding Specialists and Personal Shoppers to chat with at any time!  J.Crew offers a fit and style guide that explains which type of dress will flatter your individual figure.  Two of my favorite picks from their site is the fitted A-line “Hailey Dress” with thick straps, and the strapless “Raquel Dress” with a hint of modern flare.  Both of these picks come in an assortment of colors, and make sure to choose a color that you are comfortable with ladies!  If black is your best bet, go for it.  If you feel great in a nice blue, then that’s what you should do.  Nothing would be worse than going out of your comfort zone to try and pull off a bold tangerine-colored dress, at a wedding of all places.  You will just end up feeling self-conscious the whole entire time, and that is definitely not what any of us want!  These pieces would look great dressed up with some killer stilettos or even a great pair of wedges for a more casual look.

All of these dresses come with a fitted bodice, which is very important to keep in mind when picking out your wedding attire.  Nothing would be worse than having your “girls” slip out while you’re dancing at the reception.  It’s a good idea to get a dress with a fitted bodice and maybe even some secret boning and lined cups.  All of these things help to keep your chest where it should be- inside your dress!  This is a big factor to keep in mind, especially if you are well-endowed.  The talk of the wedding should be how beautiful the bride looks, not how big your breasts look!  Obviously, your goal here is to look great and feel great.  Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear anything that will take attention away from the bride because it’s her day.  Overall, make sure to check out some of the great & helpful online wedding guides, pick a flattering style, choose a color that works for you, and keep all of your curves under control.  Be classy, chic, & glamorous.

Written By: Christine Kunz

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