Like Mother, Like Daughter

When I was five years old I got my first pair of heels.  They were black velvet ankle boots with black satin laces.  They were actually kitten heels, but in my mind they were heels just like Mommy’s because they clicked on the kitchen tile when I walked.  I never had shoes that clicked before and I often got in trouble with family members who were completely annoyed with my constant noise making.

Ever since then I have always associated heels with being grown up.  I was never allowed to wear anything higher than a kitten heel though because my mother swore they weren’t good for my growing feet.  I was allowed to wear low wedges or flats for special occasions and that was it.  I always hated that rule.  Every other girl in my school could wear strappy sandals with skinny heels and then there was me in my chunky wedges.  No wonder I wasn’t cool in middle school.

For years I held a grudge against wedges.  I thought they were juvenile.  Only little girls wore wedges in my mind.  I longed for heels and bought them for every dressy event.  That all changed when I studied abroad in England last summer.  I am fairly confident that every city in the United Kingdom has at least one cobble-stoned street.  They are all so old and uneven that they threaten to rip off any skinny high heel that dares to walk across them.  Wedges, however, were safe to cross.  There is no heel that can break off on wedges and the flat bottom makes keeping your balance on the irregular brick fairly easy.  Since I fell in love with England, I naturally had to fall in love with the proper footwear as well.

My mother has also begun to love wedges.  She says that they feel better on her feet because her heel isn’t resting on a single spike.  I’m not sure if it’s scientifically proven that wedges are better than heels, but I can see why my mom feels that way.  It’s so funny, I started out wanting nothing but heels like my mom, but now she wants to go shopping for wedges like mine.

Written By: Nicole M.

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