Crocs: The Trend That Swept The Country

Crocs: the trend that has swept the country. When I first saw them in stores, I sincerely thought they were a joke, they were, in my opinion, hideous and laughable; however, I guess the joke is on me now that people everywhere are wearing them and they have become a sudden trend overnight. I have a very difficult time understanding why they actually have become so popular. I would never wear them in a million years, and I don’t see how or why people wear them; yet every day, there they are. They’re walking into the grocery store, on college campuses, in malls, and dare I say, in bars and parties. They appear to be taking over the world.

My first impression of them was why, why are they being seriously sold in stores. I soon learned that children often wore them, as well as people who worked in the medical field. I was told they were very comfortable and practical, and very beneficial and helpful for those who were on their feet all day. That aspect I could understand, it made sense. The nurses, doctors, technicians, etc who worked at hospitals or medical offices were constantly running around all day and sometimes, situations got messy. They don’t want to wear shoes that would pinch their toes, give them blisters or hurt their feet; they were after all, using them all day every day. They also probably don’t want to wear shoes that are very nice or expensive in case anything should get on them. Therefore, crocs were an easy solution, I could accept that fact. I also began to understand and somewhat see or agree why people would wear them at pools or water/amusement parks. Again, it made sense, they were comfortable, could act as shoes or sandals, and were simple and practical. I got on board with that reasoning as well; however it still doesn’t mean that I don’t cringe every time I see them.

There are now different colors and styles of crocs, and many even have decorations on them now, such as Hello Kitty. I was also made aware that you can stick little plastic charms in the holes of the crocs to further personalize them. Words cannot describe my horror when I first learned of this, and my horror and astonishment only grew when I actually saw this fad in person. I am just utterly speechless on how these shoes became a trend and why people actually wear them. They were manageable when they first started out when only a few people wore them, but even then I was questioning them. Now, it seems crocs have become a hysteria almost like when everyone started wearing Converse again; however, you absolutely cannot compare the two, Converse tops crocs any day. I just don’t get it. To me, they’re ugly and I would never wear them. Yet to countless numbers of other people, they love them and would probably question why I don’t like them or wear them, just as I am questioning why people do wear them.

Crocs have slowly but surely entered the outside world and are no longer restricted to just children and people working in the medical field. How or why did it happen, I have no idea, but I can take a guess. Like with any fashion trend, once one person wears them or makes them cool, or it’s strategically and correctly advertised, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and wants them. Whether it’s through word of mouth, seeing them on T.V. or that celebrities are wearing them, or from a friend or family member, trends catch on, whether good or bad, and do it at an alarmingly fast rate. However, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I don’t know enough about crocs to like them, or maybe I’m missing something. I don’t want to offend anyone so if I am missing something or I am not understanding the trend correctly, please let me know! I am always open to different opinions and learning something new. As of now though, the croc trend still confuses me, and I am still looking for answers on why so many people wear them.

Written by: Nicolette P.

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