The Apprehensive Bra Top

When I first saw the cropped bra top, my thoughts went directly to Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. She would always sport an embellished bra under a shear blouse. Watching this show at a younger age, I thought Carrie’s trend was provocative and raunchy.

Summer is approaching and bra tops are popping up everywhere. I now understand why. A feminine bra top with a high wasted skirt/pants is genuinely adorable!

However, there is a specific niche of women who can pull this off. This doesn’t mean you can wear your $60 Victoria Secret bra out and about! Also, a flat stomach is necessary to wear this trend. Sitting is unimaginable in this midriff-baring look. You would need to be a yoga junkie to look good sitting in a chair because otherwise a skin roll will most likely appear as you lean over.

To keep the bra top classy, make sure only a sliver of midriff is exposed (around 3-6 inches of the rib cage).  The bra top has a spectrum of sizes and shapes so pick one you are most comfortable with! To try this trend safely, wear it around the beach along with hundreds of other women rocking bikinis.

Written by: Jessica Herbst

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