Going for The Gold In Green

When people typically think of “Going Green,” things like household cleaners and toiletries come to mind.  This is not always the case, however.  Nike is doing a lot for this summer’s 2012 Olympic games set in London to change the perception of what can and can’t “Go Green.”

The uniforms that the United States basketball team will be wearing are made out of 22 recycled drinking bottles.  That being said, the uniforms are now actually lighter than ever with a weight reduction equivalent to one full soda can.  Not only is this change more Eco-friendly, it also is supposed to increase the speed of athletes with the new lightweight technology that they are using in the uniforms as well as in sneakers.

The new Flyknit sneakers look like they are knitted like a sock to form a shoe and have a “greener” feel to them.  It is great to see that Nike is not only reducing their impact on the environment, but also reducing athlete’s times to make for an interesting Olympic games this summer in London.

Written By: Jen McNeil

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