Inspired By…Emma Watson

We’ve all grown up with Emma Watson, seeing her as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series for over 10 years.

And in those 10 years, she’s grown up from a little girl to a fashion icon.  I mean, when she cut her hair a year or so ago, swarms of girls went out and got themselves a pixie cut too.  Emma just has that ability to influence people.

When trying to dress like Emma, think versatility.  She’s always trying different color combinations, mixing prints, and wearing different silhouettes.  So, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Here’s 3 outfits inspired by Emma that you can adapt into your wardrobe.

This first look is a casual one.  When Emma’s just running errands or attending Coachella, her style tends to be a little bit muted.  Go for a white blouse with shorts, and add a leopard print for a pop.

Emma Watson - Outfit 1


For a nice dinner look, take into account Emma’s like for mixing patterns.  Choose a skirt and blouse, each of different patterns, but make sure they complement each other.  Pair it with a black blazer and some peep-toe shoes.


Emma Watson - Outfit 2

This final outfit is perfect for a night out.  At the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, Emma wore a really pretty structured minidress.  The silhouette is so unique, that it was hard finding a dress that could perfectly emulate it.  So instead, wear a zippered bralet in a fun pattern as homage to the zippers and pattern on the original dress. Select a black skirt, some strappy shoes, and a black bangle to complete the look.


Emma Watson - Outfit 3


Emma’s style is one of my favorites.  I love that she takes risks and isn’t afraid to be different.  It’s so weird to imagine that over a decade ago, she was just the bushy, haired girl in Harry Potter not wanting to get expelled.

In other news, which celebrity’s styles are you most influenced by?

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Written By: Joanelle Navarro

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