Stingray Shoes?

A shoe company called Rayfish Footwear is making new shoes that are well, kind of disturbing.  These shoes are made from the skin of a stingray.  That’s not the only part of this shoe that has brought controversy, however.  Scientists are genetically engineering the DNA of the fish so that their skin changes colors and patterns specifically to be used for the shoes.

The website for these shoes has 29 different patterns available that have been shown to work on the skin of the stingrays.  Currently, the company is hosting design contests and each winner will receive a free pair of the shoes.

These shoes start at $1,800 a pair.  Now, not only does this seem cruel and kind of well “fishy”, but also I would never pay that much money for a strange pair of sneakers.  Some of the designs look like high top sneakers with polka dots.

This is definitely a fad that I don’t think many people will go for.  They are impractical, expensive, and if you ask me, immoral.  I personally think the entire concept of these stingray shoes is just bizarre.

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Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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