My Mom and her TOMS Shoes

I have two pairs of TOMS shoes and I love them.  I wear them whenever I know I have to be on my feet or walk a lot because they are both stylish and comfortable.  My mother, however, has not always agreed.  She refused to believe that they offered any support for my feet because they weren’t gym shoes.  In her mind, only athletic shoes could truly be comfortable footwear.  After years of disagreement though, I have finally won the battle.

I think what really convinced her is my attitude about my TOMS today.  Earlier in the school year I was in a minor accident that injured my right foot.  While I’ve recovered, my right foot is now a bit more sensitive than my left foot.  I can no longer walk for hours in certain shoes.  For some reason anything that does not offer arch support, like my Converse shoes, cause some pain and discomfort after a while.  My TOMS are the only pair I own that offer full supports without any added help from Dr. Scholl’s.

When my mother and I were in Chicago one day, she began paying extra attention to my TOMS.  “So those really are comfortable?”  Yes, Mom.  “You can really walk around in those?”  Yes, Mom.  “Even with your foot?”  Yes, Mom.  Then came the ultimate question: “Can I try your TOMS on?”  Be my guest, Mom.  While my shoes were a size too small for her I knew my mother had changed her mind about them before she asked what store I bought them at.

Later that day we walked to Nordstrom, the only store I know of in our area that sells TOMS, for her to buy her very first pair.  She chose gray, the same color I was wearing that day, because we share a love of neutrals and their ability to mix with all colors and patterns.  While it is a bit strange to go places with my mother in identical shoes, I’m so happy that she loves her TOMS.  I can’t wait for her excitement about them to wear off though.  I’m sick of the question “how was your day” being answered with “I wore my TOMS today!”  So did I Mom, relax.  “But they’re so comfortable!”  I told you so.

Written By: Nicole M.

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