Fashion: It’s Your Whole Image.

It’s happened to all of us. You’re having a delightful conversation with someone. Laughing, enjoying their company…when suddenly, it hits. Your nostrils spring to attention. Your eyes start wandering as you search for the source of it and then you realize what it is. BODY ODOR. Now, is it coming from you or the other person….let’s hope the other person. WHAT TO DO?!

No one wants to be caught in this situation. I can’t tell you how self conscious I get at even the slightest scent of B.O. on my body. If I’m at the gym and Glamming it up a little too hard I might start to sweat. I will then quickly rush to the bathroom, wipe off my pits and search my bag frantically for deodorant. I HATE TO SMELL. I hate when other people smell even more.

Recently, someone I interact with quite often has had a not so pleasant musk to them. I’m not sure if it’s their outfit they were nearly every day or just a lingering stench. This person happens to have a bit more body hair than others so it could be a scent attached to the body hair. Only one thing is for certain…something needs to be done. Every time we’ve had to have a face to face conversation I find myself holding my breath or ending it quick. I don’t want to seem like a bitch but I don’t want to die of poison B.O. gases either.

I’m hoping that by writing this column the person who needs serious odor help may see it and realize their wrong-doings. Stench offender, here are my commands:

1. Shower twice a day. Obviously, one shower is not cutting it…if that’s even happening, who knows? You need to shower when you wake up in the morning and when you get home. You sweat during the day and in your sleep so you’ve got to wipe that all off in the shower.

2. Get appropriate shower supplies. See some of my Glam Picks for help (SHAMELESS PLUG). Finding a scent that works for you will do wonders.

3. Get a nice cologne. A lot of people say cologne can be “offensive” if overused. I prefer overused cologne than B.O. any day. I do about 2-3 squirts, depending on which brand I’m using. Currently, I’m all about Burberry Sport. I think it’s got kind of a rough scent but at the same time reeks of class. Perfect Glamazon cologne.

4. Change your underwear. Just because no one saw it doesn’t mean you can wear it two days in a row. Balls smell. That’s the way life goes.

I hope these tips help this poor soul. I can’t stand the fact I need to spray Febreeze every time I see them.

Fashion is about way more than just your clothes, it’s your whole image. You need to use all 5 of your senses to really be a total fashion rockstar. You need to own all of your five senses to be a Glamazon. Own it.

Written By: Jake Verterano

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