Unlikely Style Inspiration: Moonrise Kingdom

Early in the year, the independent film circuit was a buzz about Wes Andersen’s film Moonrise Kingdom. With an ensemble cast and a dry humor feel, everyone was anxiously awaiting its debut at the infamous Cannes Film Festival. The film, which takes place in 1965, tells of a young boy and girl who devise a plan to run away together, which prompts a search party led by a sheriff and the girl’s parents. As an independent film buff, I was excited for this movie as soon as the news hit the web and right away, I was drawn to the 60’s fashion and the adorable Boy Scout uniforms most of the characters wear throughout the film. With fashion as fearless as it is today, I think taking a few style tips from Moonrise Kingdom can definitely be part of anyone’s summer style to-do list.

Suzy Bishop (played by actress Kara Hayward) is a twelve year old girl who likes reading, listening to records, and soaking up the sun. Her style is 60’s school girl, with staples like knee high socks, black and white saddle shoes, and collared dresses.

Sam Shakusky (played by actor Jared Gilman) is a boy scout who falls in love with Suzy. He writes her love letters and asks her to run away with him, which she agrees to. His style is characterized by typical army green, khaki, and red colored Boy Scout garb.

Walt Bishop (played by actor Bill Murray) is Suzy’s eccentric father. He is a bit lackadaisical about his daughter’s disappearance, but joins the search party with his wife and the sheriff, along with his band of young apprentices. The recurring style element of his character is printed bottoms, which is a trend popping up everywhere this season.

If you are interested in an adorable preteen love story featuring fun 60’s fashion, you should check out Moonrise Kingdom!

Written by: Nicole Risell

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