Seeing Double: My Fashion Icons


Big sunglasses and Starbucks in hand, it has become their trademark.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the Olsen twins. From the early days of Full House, to their several motion pictures (I’ll admit, Billboard Dad was my favorite), to their television series as young adults, to building a fashion empire. I can’t remember any phase of my life that they haven’t been prominent in some aspect of pop culture.

Now, not only do I admire them for the successful business women they’ve become, I consider them to be my fashion icons. My favorite of their brands, Elizabeth and James, truly reflects their style, in my opinion. The textile goods they design all have simple, classic cuts, and they produce great quality basics along with fun pieces and accessories that you can’t resist adding to your closet. 

Everything from their logo to lookbook fascinates me. I can’t get over how classic this brand is, and it’s being designed by two almost 26 year old young women, both of whom are much ahead of their time.

In 2008, Mary-Kate and Ashley published a coffee-table book, Influence. Of course, I’ll admit, I purchased the hardback the day it was released and I still look at it often. The book is comprised of interviews the twins had with people they admire and whom have helped them become so accomplished, along with many photographs.

Although many people categorize the two as a package deal, individually, the two Olsens’ style does differ. Mary-Kate has become known in the fashion world for her bohemian looks as well as hobo-chic style, while her sister Ashley sticks to cleaner cuts while still having a boho-edge. These glamorous girls have really come a long way since their first fashion endeavors. They continuously evolve as designers, and you can tell through their brands and personal style choices.

They currently are in control of 4 brands: Elizabeth and James, The Row, Olsenboye, a women’s line at J.C. Penny, and StyleMint, a t-shirt line.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were honored with the Women’s Wear Designer of the year award for their brand The Row on Monday, June 4, 2012 at the CFDA awards, and boy, is it well-deserved!

Written By: Lindsay Whisler

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