Miss USA Pageant 2012

For years my mother and I have been watching pageants and judging the dresses.  It’s great because you can make any comments you want (“Oh my gosh, she decided to wear THAT on national television?”) without feeling guilty because they’re standing on that stage expecting to be judged.  It’s quite possibly the only guilt-free judgment zone on the face of the Earth so we take full advantage of it.  For some reason though, we haven’t watched any pageants in a few years.  This year we finally sat together in our living room and watched the Miss USA 2012 Pageant.

The pageant opened with a fashion show displaying the works of Sherri Hill on all the contestants.  For those of you who don’t know, Sherri Hill is known for prom and pageant dresses so the clothing fit right in at Miss USA.  The fashion show was a fun idea because it gave some interesting looks that you wouldn’t normally see on a pageant stage (Miss Maryland wore shorts with tights and sky high ankle boots!) but it was not flawless.  I could have done without the obnoxiously over the top “audience” that sat around the runway and pantomimed exaggerated shock and awe at each contestant’s outfit.

My favorite outfits, however, were worn by the Top Five women: Miss Ohio, Miss Maryland, Miss Rhode Island (who won the crown), Miss Nevada, and Miss Georgia.  True, Miss Rhode Island wore a beautiful flowing magenta gown, but my absolute favorite is a tie between Miss Ohio and Miss Nevada.

Miss Ohio looked lovely in her vibrant yellow, slim, structured dress that had a long, heavy train beginning at her waist.  She kept her jewelry simple, opting to wear some bracelets on her right arm and long earrings.  While I usually think that strapless dresses look more interesting when paired with a necklace, I agreed with Miss Ohio’s choice to not wear one.  Her gown was so loud that any more jewelry would have been overpowering.

Miss Nevada, however, stood out because of her necklace that even the announcers commented on from off screen.  Miss Nevada wore a flowing white strapless gown that was far from boring.  Around her torso was what looked like an incredibly thick, intricately jeweled gold belt, although I don’t think it was a belt.  No matter what it was, it made the entire gown gorgeous.  Miss Nevada stood out from the crowd in that dress, but the necklace took the look to another level.  Made of two layers, one short and thick with diamonds while the other thin and long, the necklace made Miss Nevada unforgettable.  Coupled with the thick gold bracelets on each wrist she looked like an Egyptian princess.

Overall, I enjoyed the pageant.  My only complaint was that it seemed to go by too fast.  I would have liked the camera to spend more time lingering over the outfits rather than the contestants’ faces so I could get a better look at all of the styles before the women were eliminated.  However, I loved the fashion show that gave more pageant looks for the at home viewers to take in.  Pageants have their own fashion rules that only seem to be acceptable on stage.  As someone who has never competed in a pageant in my life, I absolutely love every fashion moment I get in that world and Miss USA 2012 Pageant was full of them.

Written By: Nicole M.

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