Eco Spotlight: M. Patmos for Manolo Blahnik

M. Patmos is an eco-friendly designer who enjoys incorporating work from local and worldly craftsman.  Some, or pieces of her garments, are made in the USA and she has things handmade when she can to support the communities of the craftsman.  She incorporates color and texture with simpler fabrics and designs.

This year M. Patmos collaborated with Manolo Blahnik for a shoe collection.  The shoes are made of three eco-friendly materials: raffia, a plant fiber, and tilapia, yes like the fish.  The scales are used to create a snakeskin effect on the shoes.  The heels of the shoes are also made of cork, which adds to the eco-friendly appeal of the shoe.

The line incorporates heels as well as flat sandals.  The everyday woman wears sandals and through this collaboration M. Patmos and Manolo Blahnik feel women are returning back to the more comfortable side of style.  This is sure to be a hit collaboration.  Incorporating M. Patmos’s sense of sustainability and desire to be eco-friendly along with the classic appeal of Manolo Blahnik shoes, this collection is sure to keep women hoping for another collaboration.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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