Wearing Designer Labels to Bed With Olivia von Halle

Have you ever heard of wearing designer labels to bed? And I’m not talking about sleeping in your new Dior or Versace evening gowns. I’m talking about the new luxury pajama brand by Olivia von Halle. Inspired by Coco Chanel’s personal lounge wear, von Halle went from fashion guru and trend forecaster to designer with ease. Why sleepwear, though? According to an interview the designer had with The Neon Cactus, she wanted to create a silk outfit to transition from a night out to coming home. Why not stay glamorous even when slipping off into a dream-filled sleep?

The line was launched in September of 2011 at London Fashion Week. You can purchase these items off of her website for £295 or $509, but will you? Why pay for these expensive pajamas when you can purchase a very inexpensive replica? I believe Olivia von Halle wants to capture an essence of glamour and contribute it to all aspects of life, even if it is only sleeping. There is a comfort and elegance that her silk pajamas bring to a less alluring activity, like shifting from a busy work day or a night out into relaxed state of mind. These pajamas are an investment, not just a pair of old beaten up sweatpants. Is it a bit impractical to pay this expensive price for a set of pajamas? Sure. But is it worth it? Maybe.

Olivia von Halle’s next endeavor is silk nightshirts accompanied by matching hot pants.

Written By: Lindsay Whisler

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