Pleated Perfection

One trend that has reemerged for this spring and summer might bring you back to your high school days of wearing a uniform to school.  Pleated skirts are making a comeback!  However, I assure you that this trend is much more updated than your classic school uniform look.  This trend has been popping up all over in many different styles and it is here to stay.

Accordion pleats are a very popular style that has made a comeback.  These skirts are generally mid length or appear like a maxi skirt.  They can easily be dressed up or down by pairing different tops and vests with the skirt.  One look that I love to pair with an accordion skirt is a cropped fitted leather jacket.  This look is perfect for summer nights that tend to get a bit cooler if you are outside at a party or music festival.

Another popular look has more subtle pleats and is much shorter and often slightly poufy.  This is my favorite look for this trend.  I have noticed a lot of skirts like this are coming in bright colors and some are following the neon trend.  They pair well with lighter chiffon tops and button downs.

Keep your spring and summer wardrobe fresh with the addition of an updated pleated skirt.  A hot pink shorter pleated skirt will keep you looking trendy and also be breezy enough to wear on those hot summer days.  Don’t fear the pleats, they can actually be flattering.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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