Wedding Fashion Favorites: The Good, The Bad, The Inappropriate

Last weekend I went to my first wedding since I was about six years old.  Weddings sure have changed in the past fifteen years.  Actually, it’s more like what people wear to the weddings that have changed.  The last wedding I went to had shoulder pads at the reception party, but that wasn’t the case this time.  Here is my top ten favorite fashions I saw last Saturday.

10. All the Dresses like Mine

Every college-aged woman seemed to be wearing short, empire waist dresses with a sash to tie in the back.  They had some sort of floral pattern that made them the perfect warm weather ensemble.  While no two people wore the exact same dress, it was funny to see all of us walking around in the same silhouettes.  I suppose that style is the most popular formal attire for my age group, and since every looked beautiful in it I can see why.

9. The Nightie

There was one girl who wore a really pretty light blue dress that looked gorgeous from behind.  The moment she turned around though, her dress looked like a nightgown.  It was still pretty, but it seemed almost inappropriate to wear at a church wedding.  The length didn’t help with the appropriateness either.  Standing her dress was fine, but it hit that dangerous level on the thigh that you can tell will cause problems once you sit down.  There was a lot of sitting at the wedding, there was a lot of sitting to eat, so essentially there were a lot of moments at this wedding that were not suited for this nightie dress.

8. Little Girl Play Clothes

There were several small children at the wedding, relatives of both the bride and groom.  Rather than be incredibly dressed up though, the little girls were either in full or partial play clothes.  Some girls were wearing nice dresses with leggings underneath; some girls were in complete play clothes (I kept running into one girl dressed head to toe in Hello Kitty).  Once these girls went on the dance floor you could see why their parents dressed them this way.  They were too busy playing and running around to care about how they looked and their casual attire gave their parents one less thing to worry about them ruining during the night.

7. White?

There were several girls wearing white, which I thought was a major no-no in wedding attire.  However, the bride still stood out in her lovely ball gown and no one else seemed to notice the amount of white at the reception except me.  I’m not sure if this trend was just a one-time thing at this wedding, or if it’s happening everywhere, but I wouldn’t worry if it happens at your wedding.  No matter what your dress looks you’ll stand out because you’re the bride and you and the groom are the two people everyone cares about for the night.

6. Matchy-Matchy Goddess

There was a mom at the wedding who caught my eye while we were on the dance floor.  Actually, it was more like her sleeve that caught my attention first.  She was wearing a turquoise one shoulder short dress.  Her one sleeve was long, flowing, and seemed to be connected to the rest of the dress.  I’ve never seen a dress like that before but it was very pretty.  To complete the outfit, this woman even found wedges with straps that matched her dress perfectly.  As nice as she looked, the entire outfit was too much like a turquoise costume.  I do, however, appreciate the amount of effort she put into finding perfectly matching dress and shoes.

5. The Vintage Grandma

There was one older woman, silver haired and grandmother aged, who was wearing a floral jacket with a matching long skirt.  It looked like it would have been the height of fashion in the 1940s, but now it was a typical “old lady” outfit.  It was the kind of vintage that looks dated rather than fashionable.  I really liked the floral pattern though, so job well done Grandma.

4. The Stylish Grandma

There was one woman, around the same age as Vintage Grandma, who looked incredibly fashion forward.  She wore a coral sweater, black pencil skirt, and black kitten heels.  She looked comfortable and chic, two things you want to be at any age.  If I had to vote for best dressed at that wedding, Stylish Grandma would make my top five.

3. Little Fedora Hats

Oh my gosh every little boy at that wedding had a fedora hat and it looked adorable.  They kept taking them on and off, playing with them whenever they could.  It was easy to see that they felt like big boys in those hats and it was so cute.  Fedora hats are always stylish in my book, and these little guys proved that I’m right no matter what age the hat wearer is.

2. Bow Ties

A friend of the bride was the DJ and his outfit, a purple button down and yellow bow tie, really made him stand out.  He looked classy yet fun, and even though his colors didn’t match the wedding his outfit matched the feeling of the reception.  Since it was the wedding of a couple in their early twenties, this interesting DJ really helped things stay youthful despite the old school music.  Besides, who doesn’t like bow ties?

1. Too Much V-Neck

The number one fashion I saw at this wedding was not a good one, but I will never forget it.  There was one woman, a mother with a son around ten years old, that I noticed right away at the wedding.  She had a short dress with sky-high heels that made her legs look a mile long but all anyone could look at was her cleavage.  Her dress had a plunging v-neck that seemed to go past her bosom.  Every time she bent over I had a slight heart attack as I braced myself for her to completely flash the entire reception.  It was hard to believe that a mother would wear something so revealing and slightly ill-fitting (I really shouldn’t have been able to see her bra every time she moved) to such a formal event, but she made waiting for the bride and groom a little more interesting.  Cheers to you ma’am and your ridiculous wedding attire.

Written By: Nicole M.

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