The Other Ombre Look

Ombre hair, ombre jeans, ombre shirts, all things ombre have been a trend this spring and summer season.  The light fade to dark and color combinations have become increasingly popular in clothing and beauty trends.

One trend that has popped up with the ombre look is ombre lips.  Yes, that’s right, making your lips be multiple colors has become a popular trend.  Now, unless you are very adventurous, I don’t think I would recommend this on a daily basis to the average woman.

There are many different variations of this look.  I have seen a red top lip with a pink bottom lip as well as colors fading down the lips.  I have also seen this look be very subtle and almost unnoticeable.  This look can be worn with any different color combination, it just depends how daring you want to be with it.

While ombre is a huge trend for the warmer months, I think sticking with other ombre looks might be better than lips.  The hair trend or distressed ombre shorts might be a better option to achieve this look, unless you keep the look very subtle.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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