Vera Wang Bridal and the Black Wedding Dress

Here’s something weird that you should no about me: for someone who does not want to get married I love wedding dresses.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because it’s the only time an average person like me could get so dressed up.  Maybe it’s the fact that you only wear that dress once so it has to reflect everything about your personality like no other outfit ever has.  Either way, I really like wedding dresses.

I’m nowhere close to being engaged and I still like looking at them online.  Vera Wang is probably the only one I really visit though.  I absolutely love her style and her bridal collections always have a flowing, airy, romantic feel that I adore.  Her Fall 2011 Bridal Collection came in shades of ivory, light gold, and pale gray.  It was full of romantic skirts and intricately decorated bodices.  Spring 2012 was about “more.”  More dress, more detail, and more colors.  I can accept the varying shades of white and nude, soft pink and deep gray, but a pale green wedding dress?  What would the bridesmaids wear?  The Fall 2012 Bridal Collection was really intriguing.  The entire collection has only two colors: nude and black.

Nude and black?  This completely changes my vision of the typical American wedding.  The entire color scheme is thrown off.  What will everyone else wear to make the bride stand out?  How much can a bride stand out if she’s wearing nude?  How would this affect the bridal world as a whole?  I had to find out.  A few phone calls to Vera Wang bridal stores later and I learned that all the dresses in stock are ivory gowns.  Nude and black are simply the “designer” versions to parade on the runway.  The traditional white wedding lives on!

So if you love Vera Wang’s designs as much as I do, fear not.  The wedding you envisioned since you were a little girl, white dress and all, can still exist with a Vera Wang bridal gown.  I don’t really know what to do if you want a nude or black wedding dress though.  I’m sure they exist somewhere in the world, you’ll just have to do a bit more looking.  It’s worth the effort to look perfect on your special day though.

Written By: Nicole M.

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