Fashion Foot Forward

Even though we haven’t gotten through spring yet, let alone summer, fall 2012 fashion is already hitting the runway.  Elle magazine featured looks inspired by the runway that are predicted to hit the racks this autumn.  The Shakespeare In Love look was my favorite, which featured a black dress with a corset feel to the top elegantly designed with antique gold patterns.  I loved it because it looks great as a dress, but also would look amazing as a blouse, skirt, bag, or pair of flats.  My least favorite fall look was Wax On which was a dress made out of the same material a rubber raincoat is.  It looked tacky and cheap on the model so I don’t know how it is supposed to look good on us consumers.  Room To Grow was a woman wearing an oversized coat, but I love the idea of glamorous clothing that doesn’t fit too snug to a woman’s body, especially in the fall.  Golden Child also stood out to me because I think gold is an amazing color no matter what type of clothing or accessory it is on.  Fall may seem like months away (it actually is), but in the fashion world minutes are seconds and days are hours so always keep your fashion foot forward.

Written By: Jen McNeil

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