Inspired By…Zooey Deschanel

Adorkable Zooey Deschanel has become quite the fashion icon in the last couple of years.  While most recognize her from her hit show New Girl and cute film (500) Days of Summer, Zooey has been acting since 1999.

Zooey’s signature style is often called quirky and mostly consists of dresses, tights, and lots of polka dots.  Her style is definitely one that I admire because it’s actually quite simple to achieve!

On Zooey’s show New Girl, she plays Jess Day, a 30-something year old teacher, who’s fashion sense is so eerily similar to her own.

So here’s 3 outfits that you can adapt into your daily wardrobe that is inspired by Zooey’s outfits on New Girl.

Here’s Jess (Zooey) in episode 6 of New Girl, entitled “Control.”

Jess loves to wear stripes a lot and always pairs simple shirts or sweaters with short skirts and tights.  Instead of a long sleeve sweater, with a dash of color on the trim, I’ve chosen a red and white striped shirt.  If it’s a colder day, toss over a black cardigan to complete the look.

Episode 5, entitled “Injured,” may actually be the only time Jess has been shown wearing jeans.  This look is a super casual one you can wear just lounging at the dorm or doing quick errands.
Zooey Deschanel - Outfit 2

Pair a cute plaid shirt, with skinny jeans and sneakers, to copy this super laid back look.

In episode 8, called “Fancyman Part 2,” Jess found herself on a date with the father of one of her student’s.
Zooey Deschanel - Outfit 3

Dresses are Jess’ (and Zooey’s) best friend, and the more flared they are, the better.  Out for a color blocked or stripped dress in simple colors, like white, grey, or black, then add a colored heel for a big pop.  Plenty of outfits worn on the show by Jess are often paired with shoes which don’t match, colorwise.


I really like Zooey, and thus Jess’, style.  It’s a mixture of a bit of vintage, but has a super fresh look about it.  I hope you liked the outfits and feel they embody Zooey, since I do.


In other news, which celebrity’s styles are you most influenced by?


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Written By: Joanelle Navarro

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