Sleepwalkers have been found littered among the streets of New York fashion week lately. Stylists, celebrities, and even just passerbys have been seen in pretty, silky, printed loungewear. Leg room, flowing shapes and an overall comfort level that far surpasses jeans and sequins may be here to stay. Women all over the world-what do you think? Fashion? Or Fad?

Stylist Caroline Seiber [above] was seen in Paris was wearing what appears to be a full pajama suit! Not a bad look-loose and boxy shaped, but perhaps this will be a catch-on in the industry. The prints make the outfit look less just sleepwear-ish, so perhaps when paired with a floral necklace and a somewhat tailored PJ look, this one could possibly pass as a trend.

Next up, however, was red carpet worthy? Or perhaps not. Rachel Roy, designer[above], chose to don a robin’s egg blue and white striped PJ look on the red carpet with a pair of strappy Manolos. The shoes? ALWAYS a yes. The sleepwear? Well, personally I would have chosen to wear something different. Or perhaps just a different color. Either way, she just looks a bit too underdressed. Thoughts?

WHY SLEEPWEAR? A couple guesses on my part: Maybe women just adore the sweet look, the smooth fabrics and the cute prints. Victoria’s Secret models sure do make it look appealing as well.
Either way, this recent adventuring into the sleepwear category in the fashion industry perhaps is just led by a generation who is beginning to care less about showing status and more about individuality. Comfort, of course MUST be on that list so naturally, the leaning towards the most comfortable thing anyone could possibly wear would venture into the bedroom territory. Well, as long as women aren’t walking around in flyaway babydolls and sheer bralettes on the red carpet I suppose we’re safe for now.

Written by: Christine Ko

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