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Healthy Skin for Summer


Healthy skin is just as important as healthy hair! As you prepare to show more skin this summer, beat the sun’s rays with these healthy skin tips. Keep Skin Hydrated The heat is… Continue reading

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Eat Better, Look Better


Did you know you can transform yourself from the inside out? Putting healthy foods in your body can not only help you feel better, but you’ll look better as well! I have found… Continue reading

Feel Good On the Inside, Look Good On the Outside


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You can never be told enough to drink plenty of water, especially in the heat. Now that summer is here and the temperature is rising, it is important to drink… Continue reading

How to Achieve Natural, Luminous Skin


Many of us have long envied celebrities that seem to have the most beautiful – and natural – luminous skin. Well-known women like Halle Berry and Hayden Panettiere are often praised for their… Continue reading

Hello to your Best Glow!


Most of my articles are centralized around styles, trends, good buys, and cute accessories… but let’s not forget your best accessory, your natural beauty.  I’m going to give you the top style girl… Continue reading

Sizzlin’ Summer Essentials


It seems like everyday of this summer has been in a heat wave.  I don’t think it’s very attractive to be hot and sweating every time that I leave my house.  I have… Continue reading