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Trend Alert: Nude Nails


With all the brights and bolds popping up on the fashion scene this season, we’re in need of something a little more muted and tame. We’ve found that thing in the form of… Continue reading

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How to Look Good in Lingerie


No matter what body type, size, time of the month, or who you’re in front of; everyone can feel uncomfortable wearing lingerie. This fear is about to be solved for good. There are… Continue reading

Mint To Be!


Winter is a cool time of year. What better way to describe winter than with the color mint? The word itself gives you a cool feeling. This winter more accessories, scarves, gloves and… Continue reading

An Empire State of Mind


Last weekend I had my first “going out” experience in the big city.  A big group of my girlfriends went into New York City to celebrate our friend Jenn’s 21st birthday, and we… Continue reading